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Chocolate Champagne Truffles | Luxury Chocolate Gifts

Luxury Chocolate Gifts


Our chocolate champagne truffles are available freshly handmade to order online below and are stocked by the finest retailer in the world, Harrods, which is testament to just how divine they really are. Try for yourself and order online today.

The Boutique Box   The Boutique Box

As with our Truffles the housing of them was of paramount importance to the most luxurious chocolate experience in the world. The brand has to be individual and a work of art. So our contemporary boutique styled box was created, using recycled material. Each one is hand crafted so no two will ever be the same. More than 450 Swarovski Crystals adorn each box inside and out – making it a classic collectors item ! To maintain individuality each box is numbered with its own certificate. We pride ourselves that each single part of our product is hand made in the UK. From the box and bag to the application of the crystals.

Minimum Weight - 200g with minimum 15 truffles
  Boutique Box and Gift Bag
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£190.00 delivered


Bambina   Bambina Box

This extra large single truffle has been created with corporate and wedding favours in mind. However, it is also a beautiful, luxurious gift, to tempt the taste buds. Like her big sister the Bambina comes in a hand crafted box with more than 200 Swarovski Crystals, inside and out. And continuing with the Chocolate’s uniqueness, the Bambina also comes with its own certificate and Swarovski featured gift bag, ensuring individuality that no two will ever be the same.

Minimum Weight - 20g with extra large single truffle
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£50.00 delivered


Divino   Divino Box Large

The Divino Box is exactly the same size as her cousin, The Boutique Box. And of course the same sumptuous Champagne Truffles, covered in 24 carat gold flakes are packed within. Divino, as her name suggests – Is Divinely decorated with a Band of Swarovski Crystals, wrapping the box with thousands of tiny sparkling gems. As with all our range the inside has its own display of the Swarovski Crystal Bands. Divino, naturally, is all hand crafted in the UK and comes with her own numbered certificate of individuality and Swarovski featured gift bag.

Minimum Weight - 200g with minimum 15 truffles
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£110.00 delivered


Inizio   Inizio Large

Inizio, with her sleek, clean lines and Swarovski Crystals proudly houses the Chocolate Champagne Truffles, enrobed in edible pure 24 carat gold flakes and gifted with her own numbered certificate and Swarovski decorated gift bag.

Minimum Weight - 200g with minimum 15 truffles
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£70.00 delivered


Gemello   Gemello Box

Gemello, as her name suggests, contains two extra large Champagne truffles covered in edible pure 24 carat gold flakes. The twin truffles are freshly hand made to order and housed in this exquisite box with her own share of Swarovski Crystals, certificate and gift bag.
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